Holiness and Perfection

“Be holy,
for I am holy.”
1 Peter 1:16

“Be perfect, even as
your Father in heaven
is perfect.”
Matthew 5:48

Holiness Messages

Andrew Murray: Let Us Draw Nigh!

Boldness Through the Blood

Hebrews 10:19. Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the Holiest by the blood of Jesus;
22. Let us draw near.

Enter into the Holiest. This word brought us the message of the Epistle. Christ has in very deed opened the Holiest of All for us to enter in and to dwell there. The Father would have His children with Him in His holy home of love and fellowship, abiding continually all the time. The Epistle seeks to gather all in. Having boldness to enter, let us draw near!
It may be that some, as in the study of the Epistle the wondrous mystery of the way into the Holiest now opened was revealed to them, have entered in; they have said in faith, Lord my God, I come. Henceforth I would live in Thy secret place, in the Holiest of All. And yet they fear. They are not sure whether the great High Priest has indeed taken them in. They know not for certain whether they will be faithful, always abiding within the veil. They have not yet grasped what it means—
having boldness to enter in.
And there may be others, who have with longing, wistful hearts heard the call to enter in, and yet have not the courage to do so. The thought that a sinful worm can every day and all the day dwell in the Holiest of All is altogether too high. The consciousness of feebleness and failure is so strong, the sense of personal unfaithfulness so keen, the experience of the power of the world and circumstances, of the weakness of the flesh and its efforts so fresh, that for them there is no hope of such a life. Others may rejoice in it, they must even be content without it. And yet the heart is not content.
To both such, those who have entered but still are full of fears, and those who in fear do not enter, the Holy Spirit speaks—
To-day, if you shall hear His voice, harden not your hearts. Having boldness in the blood of Jesus to enter into the Holiest, let us draw nigh. The boldness with which we are to enter is not, first of all, a conscious feeling of confidence; it is the objective God-given right and liberty of entrance of which the blood assures us. The measure of our boldness is the worth God attaches to the blood of Jesus. As our heart reposes its confidence on that in simple faith, the feeling of confidence and joy on our part will come too, and our entrance will be amid songs of praise and gladness.
Boldness in the blood of Jesus. Everything depends upon our apprehension of what that means. If the blood be to us what it is to God, the boldness which God means it to give will fill our hearts. What the blood has affected in rending the veil and cleansing the heavens, and giving Jesus, the Son of Man, access to God, will be the measure of what it will affect within us, making our heart God’s sanctuary, and fitting us for perfect fellowship with the Holy One. The more we honor the blood in its infinite worth, the more will it prove its mighty energy and efficacy, opening heaven to us and in us, giving us, in divine power, the real living experience of what the entrance into the Holiest is.
The blood of Jesus. The life is the blood. As the value of this life, so the value of the blood. In Christ, there was the life of God; infinite as God is the worth and the power of that blood. In Christ, there was the life of man in its perfection; in His humility, and obedience to the Father, and self-sacrifice, that which made Him unspeakably well-pleasing to the Father. That blood of Jesus, God and man, poured out in a death that was a perfect fulfillment of God’s will, and a perfect victory over all the temptations of sin and self, effected an everlasting atonement for sin, and put it forever out of the way, destroying death and him that had the power of it. Therefore it was, that in the blood of the everlasting covenant Jesus was raised from the dead; that in His own blood, as our Head and Surety, He entered heaven; and that that blood is now forever in heaven, in the same place of honor as God the Judge of all, and Jesus the Mediator (12:24). It is this blood, now in heaven before God for us, that is our boldness to enter in, even into the very Holiest of All.
Beloved Christian! The blood of Jesus! The blood of the Lamb! O think what it means. God gave it for your redemption. God accepted it when His Son entered heaven and presented it on your behalf. God has it for ever in His sight as the fruit, the infinitely well-pleasing proof, of His Son’s obedience unto death. God points you to it, and asks you to believe in the divine satisfaction it gives to Him, in its omnipotent energy, in its everlasting sufficiency. Oh, will you not this day believe that that blood gives you, sinful and feeble as you are, liberty, confidence, boldness to draw nigh, to enter the very Holiest? Yes, believe it, that the blood, and the blood alone, but the blood most surely, brings you into the very presence, into the living and abiding fellowship, of the everlasting God. And let your response to God’s message concerning the blood, and the boldness it gives you, be nothing less than this, that this very moment you go with the utmost confidence, and take your place in the most intimate fellowship with God. And if your heart condemn you, or coldness or unbelief appear to make a real entrance impossible, rest not till you believe and prove to the full the power of the blood in very deed to bring you nigh.
Having boldness by the blood of Jesus, let us draw near!
1. Which is now greater In your sight: your sin or the blood of Jesus? There can be but one answer. Then draw nigh, and enter in, into the Holiest of All. As your sin has hitherto kept you back, let the blood now bring you nigh. And the blood will give you the boldness and the power to abide.
2. “One drop of that blood, coming out of the Holiest on the soul, perfects the conscience, makes that there is no more conscience of sin, and enables us to live in the fellowship of God and His Son. Such a soul, sprinkled with the blood, is able to enjoy the heavenly treasures, and to accomplish the heavenly service of the living God.”
3. And that blood, such is its heavenly cleansing power, can keep the soul clean. “If we walk In the light, as He is in the light,” if we live in the Holiest, in the light of His countenance, “we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanses us from all sin,” so that no sin touch us, whereby we lose the fellowship with the Father.
4. Understand how the Father’s heart longs that His children draw near to Him boldly. He gave the blood of His Son to secure it. Let us honor God, and honor the blood, by entering the Holiest with great boldness.
5. So near, so very near to God,
More near I cannot be,
For In the person of His Son
I am as near as He.

“Be holy, for I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16).
“Be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5:48).